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Beyond Serious the Podcast

Feb 14, 2013

The Try To Play Catch Up Edition. Since the whole show is being detained at Guantanamo for selling counterfeit Rubik Cubes, we have been forced to play clips from past episodes, enjoy! From Ep. 24, we talk to The Mike O'Meara Show and Wichita native Buzz Burbank about some of his broadcasting influences, the history of broadcasting and television production in Wichita, the future of radio, and the one thing he couldn't force himself to autograph. From Ep. 35, we talk to award winning independent movie director Rod Pocowatchit about his film The Dead Can't Dance, Native Americans in the movie making industry, and the toughest part of making a film. From Ep. 73, we learn why one member of our show has a hate for escalators. From Ep. 75, we talk about why the cast of the show has changed. From Ep. 85, we learn of The Pratt Fat Five. And from Ep. 93, someone decides it's a good idea to pray with a homeless woman outside of a gay bar. Plus, Kirstie's Hollywood Smash, Black People Newz, Un-Fun Fact Trivia, and much more!